MINERAL TEST® Announcement: Fibromyalgia has an absolute UNIQUE mineral profile! We can announce, with absolute certainty, that there is a real subversion of most trace elements analyzed, about 35 on 40 minerals  have a significant different trace presence on fibromyalgia patients instead of healthy people!!. This is the unique pathology, within the many diseases that we have in charge, that has this so changed profile, independently from toxic metals that in this case work as a contributing not a causing factor! This demonstrates, with a stronger evidence, that is worthless to find other, pharmacological or less, solutions or even surgical ones. A mineral balance has to be reached! The Mineral  Test ® method can analyze 40 intercellular trace elements on hair samples and, based on the excesses and deficits resulting from the lab analysis, a galenic treatment is prescribed (and prepared by the apothecary) composed by some trace elements and vitamin C. The treatment has a duration of 3 months, followed by two months without it and then a new hair mineral analysis. The integration can be taken in conjunction with other treatments, pharmacological or less, in place. The aim is the rebalance of the essential trace elements and the removal of toxic metals. Ones we reach a good mineral balance we have the definitive, stable and permanent RECOVERY from fibromyalgia!

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